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from desperation to hope for poor widows in Punjab
Our project team has put in place a variety of educational and vocational training programs that mean to help widows find their way out of their difficulties: assistance in opening bank accounts; basic reading and writing skills; income generation through sewing, weaving, traditional Punjabi embroidery and handicraft production. We will donate seeds for kitchen gardens, conduct free health camps, offer English lessons, training sessions in health, sanitation and nutrition, eyeglasses and cataract surgeries to those with visual impairments and encourage the women to form groups in which they will support one another. Most of all, by listening to their needs, we can better help them move towards a sustainable, self-reliant future.  
  Building Bridges India is finding ways to meet the needs of this lost generation of women, first in a pilot project in an especially hard-hit district, Sangrur, and then, with help from friends around the world, in other districts too. We have begun gathering the widows of Sangrur – isolated and afraid – into supportive, self-help groups that will help them to address their problems together, as a community.
The Building Bridges team has gained the trust of widows and community leaders alike. Several village Gurudwaras have already offered permanent meeting space for widows. A generous Delhi businessman and his wife have donated brand new sewing machines, threads and cloth.